Monday, 30 July 2012

Pastel colour blocked jumper!

Hello there! These past few weeks have been crazy for me! I finally feel like i'm getting somewhere with this blog- I did want to give up on it but that's just for quitters right? Therefore i'd love to say and huge thank you to all of my lovely comments and my new followers! Its really motivates me to post more, especially when I see that people are actually looking and hopefully liking my blog...
This is another simple outfit for college I put together. I think it's a quite cute look, pretty practical and anyone can pull it off. My jumper is from Topshop, I bought it in the sale around Easter time which was pretty cool- I love the pastel colours used in the jumper and its great for s/s trends this year. My jeans are really old I've had them since I was about 14 and they were bought from Next. Last but not least, of course I can't stop wearing my new sneakers again from Topshop! My jewelery is nothing special just bits and bobs I've picked up from sales- I actually bought the mint locket necklace from Primark for £1, which is a pretty sweet style steel if you ask me!
Enjoy! :) xoxx

Friday, 27 July 2012

Eliza Doolittle xo

I absolutely love these shorts, see her use of shoe laces as a belt? 
If you haven't tried it, it's something new to doo! You can buy some 
pretty cool laces from trainer stores or if you have some spare 
laces knocking around try it out!

I want to try a lace trim on a pair of shorts soon! 

I am a big fan of skirts that have buttons or fasteners down the middle. 
I really like these floral printed Nikes!

Most probably the coolest dungarees I have ever seen! 

This outfit is so cute, the baby pink skater skirt match her Nikes,
 and go together so nicely with her lilac bandeau. 

I adore this dress so much! The multi-coloured stripes are so pretty
 and compliment her amazing figure!

This is Eliza from the Hyde Park Festival yesterday.

The pale orange colour and the denim really compliment each other.

I love her dress! Matched with these hot pink Nikes give 
it that pretty pop of colour!

I'm going to be putting fringing on some shorts soon! 
I love the length of the fringing.

As most of my followers may already know I absolutely adore Eliza Doolittle. I find her so inspiring in so many ways. I love her music and I promise that you will not be disappointed if you buy her album, especially for this time of year it is just perfect- she has such a summery vibe throughout her album, and its just a feel good lighthearted sound! Now on to her fashion, she's a short shorts girl as you can probably tell from these pictures and the best thing about them is that they are always so different and have had something done to them. I'm going to doo some Eliza inspired shorts soon so stick around for that post. I love her use of bright colours and prints also and although for most people she's a great icon for just the spring/summer seasons, I doo tend to go with it all year round or whenever I feel like it :)
Enjoy!! Xoxx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ok lets bake a cake today!

Hello there! So sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been catching up with friends and update on my job situation. . . Say hello to the new sales adviser at the Warehouse clothing store :). So this is my friend jade and we met up for a movie day, but instead of going for popcorn as snacks we made cakes! We ended up watching 500 days of summer and honestly I like the film, but gosh the character Summer messes with Toms feelings! So today I wore my vintage tennis skirt I bought a while back from a store called cow, the leopard print scallop cut vest- I borrowed from my younger sister and that was bought from a market stall and you may be wondering why I'm wearing shoe laces as a belt? Well I will do a post on it soon, but it's an Eliza Doolittle influence :)
Enjoy!! :) xoxx

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Charity shops can be inspiring

Hello there! So I thought it would be cool to doo a post on charity and vintage shops. I live in Nottingham and I think we have a lot of them around so if you ever visit you'll have a lot to choose from! So the first pictures are from a Vintage shop called "Vintage Warehouse". It's a great shop if you absolutely adore vintage it's defiantly worth having a look! They have a lot of clothing and also the pricing is pretty decent a pair of Levis are only £10, so you can look around and possibly pick up some bargains! 
The next shop is a Charity called Oxfam (the charity is a well known name and aim to support poverty in third world countries such as Rwanda in Africa) most people have an assumption of charity shops being really dirty, not much to see and nothing worth buying. Let me tell you this Oxfam shop is cool if you ask me! There is so much to go through it's crazy!! In the DIY section I found some jeans that have been turned into a vest top. I have been inspired and I plan to make my own so look out for a DIY on it soon! There were some lovely displays, weird and wonderful things and some pretty clothes! Let me know if you like this kind of thing because there are so many more shops I could show you all including the one I work in! Hope you have a lovely week.
Enjoy! :) xoxx

Monday, 2 July 2012

Sunny Surprises #2

Hello there! So to carry on from the previous post I met up with my friend Nomsa Who also has a blog which is very very cool (she posts about fashion inspiration and all that jazz) and we took some photos whilst wondering around town! I'm wearing a dipped hem dress my mom bought me from quite a while ago and my new trainers. Also under my dress I'm wearing a Tinkerbell T-shirt that I have had for so long, but I love to put it underneath clothes because it has the cutest pattern and it's an off white colour so it can go with a lot of my clothing. If you don't already know Nomsa click this link to her blog because you won't be disappointed!
Enjoy! :) xoxx

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunny Surprises #1

Hello there! So I'm going to have to do two posts under the same name of sunny surprises because there is soo much to show and tell!
Okay so the other day I went to Topshop and found some amazing sneakers/trainers (what ever you want to call them) on sale for £15 and I thought I'm going to have to get them! This cardigan that you can probably only just see, is one i found in the charity shop I work in and I really like it but after buying the trainers I thought I better save some pennies! Although I am in need of a new cardigan and this is not just my inner shopaholic speaking, I realised the other day only have coats and one little thin cardigan, so you never know I might just have to get it!
Enjoy! :) xoxx