Monday, 2 July 2012

Sunny Surprises #2

Hello there! So to carry on from the previous post I met up with my friend Nomsa Who also has a blog which is very very cool (she posts about fashion inspiration and all that jazz) and we took some photos whilst wondering around town! I'm wearing a dipped hem dress my mom bought me from quite a while ago and my new trainers. Also under my dress I'm wearing a Tinkerbell T-shirt that I have had for so long, but I love to put it underneath clothes because it has the cutest pattern and it's an off white colour so it can go with a lot of my clothing. If you don't already know Nomsa click this link to her blog because you won't be disappointed!
Enjoy! :) xoxx


  1. hate that last picture haha, whyohwhy would you use it taya?
    I love love love your top though! :)

    1. hahahaa coz you look so cute! Thank you :D xoxx

  2. Love that dress, the print is absolutely beautiful! It looks so sweet paired with that shirt underneath :)

  3. What a great dress, I love the colours, so tropical, but I especially love it on you !


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