Thursday, 16 August 2012

DIY Denim Shorts!

Hey there! I've been pretty productive today I must say! I'm not sure If you have seen my other post pre DIY denim shorts, if you haven't click here to see what my shorts looked like before I did my DIY-ing. So hopefully my instructions aren't too confusing! If you need some help or have a question, email me at: and I'll be more than happy to get back to you. 

okay so to doo this DIY I needed, a sewing machine, a ruler, pins, thread, scissors, tailors chalk, fringing and of course a pair of shorts! :)  

If your shorts (like mine) have elastic around the edge cut it off!

Measure 1cm hem for the edge of your shorts and mark with your tailors chalk.

Where you marked with the tailors chalk fold and pin all the way around the shorts.

With your sewing machine, sew all the way around both legs of the shorts so you have a straight line.

Change your thread to match the colour of your fringing :) 

Place your fringing just over the straight line that you just sew to hide it (you can pin it, if that helps). 

Neatly sew around both legs of the shorts with the fringing attached! When the two ends of the fringing or trim meets you can just overlap them and neatly sew over.

When you're finished, your new snazzy shorts should look a little something like this! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! I want to do more like this so any feed back positive or negative will be appreciated very much! You don't have to just stick to shorts, try out different things to, for example putting fringing on a crop top maybe? I really enjoyed doing this post, also be sure to stick around for how I would style these!
Enjoy! :) xoxo


  1. They turned out so nice! I might have to steal this idea;)

    1. Go for it! It's really easy to do, hope it goes well! :) xo

  2. I wish I could sew; these shorts look great.

    1. Sewing is really easy to learn and for this all you need is a simple straight stitch :) xo


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