Friday, 31 August 2012

Look Book Inspiration

Hey there! Now I know I do quite a few inspiration posts, but I think this may be the most interesting one yet (apart from my Eliza Doolittle post of course). I have a look book page and the link is above so you can check that out if you like, but I wanted to show you all some awesome people that although we have different styles I am such big fans of! I've chosen my top three at the moment so here they are!

#1 Konstantina Tzagaraki

I am a big fan of her style! Konstantina comes across in such a elegant way in all of her look book posts, I love the way she accessories and sticks to current trends but in her own way. If you to also like Konstantina click here for her look book profile.  

#2 Juliett Kuczynska

I really do like the way Juliett wears her clothes. She has such a laid back fresh look that she pulls of so effortlessly! I really like her shorts in the first picture and although she bought them from a website, I would really like to try a DIY on them. Click here for her look book profile and click here for her blog.

#3 Petra Karlsson

The thing that amazes me the most about Petra is that she is only 15! Now I know there are a lot of boys and girls younger than Petra but she has such a mature fashion sense. For her look book profile page click here and for her blog click here.

 So these are my top three girls that I really like at the moment, my next look book post will be on my top three guys! I hope you have liked this post and if you are on look book it'll be worth checking these three out, i'm sure you won't be disappointed. I don't use look book as much as i'd like to but i guess it'll be something for me to try to concentrate on more, have a loverlee day!

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