Wednesday, 8 August 2012

pre DIY denim shorts!

So yes what this post is about, is in the name! These are pictures of my outfit today and more importantly my shorts... I'm going to make these look a little different! This post it to show how I would style them, and as you can tell it's a very relaxed, nothing special look what so ever!

So my tie die vest was actually given to me from my mom, it's her's from last summer and I really wanted it. My shirt (that you may recognise from an earlier blog post) is from a vintage charity shop nearby to where I live. My shorts are about three years old and were bought from Next in the kids department. Then on to my sandals, which are again about three years old... Can you tell? I really don't like them but I thought I never wear them so why not :) 
Any suggestions on what I should doo to my shorts? I have an Idea but it would be cool to read what you all think...
Enjoy! :) xoxx

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