Saturday, 29 September 2012

Diggin' my tights?

Hello there! My goodness what is up with me this week?! I'm posting a day late AGAIN I do apologise guys! So it's only been a few weeks at college now and I feel like I never left! Please can someone just bring back summer for me?! Although college work wise sucks, I'm loving just hanging with my friends and stuff but the weather in rubbish in England so I won't get to post as often as I like :(

Literally just realised the golden colour leaves match my tights hahahaa. Okay so my tights are fishnet but have a glittery gold thread in them which I really really like, I actually have another pair of them but in silver! I picked up this top from H&M in the sale for a only £3!! I bought it in a large so I could wear it as a dress, but as it is a little bit on the short side i'm wearing my DIY bicycle shorts I made from an old pair of leggings. My PU leather jacket is from Topshop and I got that for £9 which is pretty amazing for Topshop! As you can see I finally bought my Henry Holland platforms, after weeks and weeks of banging on about them! I didn't want these ones to begin with, but they've grown on me and I love em :) 
Question of the week, if you could have any pattern on a pair of tights, what would it be? Hope you all have a loverlee day!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Getting the knit-wear out!

Hello there! Sorry I'm a day late posting, this scheduled post timer thing on here does not do what I set it to! So day was pretty chilly but sunny at the same time so... I thought I'd just go out in my big jumper and no coat which was a very bad move, it ended up being pretty cold! I hate the weather in England and to think I was born here I would've gotten used to it right?!

My jumper was a Christmas gift and it's from Warehouse, I'm wearing my treggings "thrifted" but originally from Zara and my Nikes were given to me from my awesome cousin (lovee youu!). I think I need to buy more over-sized jumpers because they're really comfortable and pretty cool to just throw over anything... Anyways Hope you all have a loverlee day!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Bold print and camo vest!

Hello there! So I know everyone (especially where I live) has been rocking their camo studded jackets and since I'm not really into it I thought i'd do something a little different...

So sorry about squinting hahha it was so sunny! My over-sized abstract print shirt is "thrifted", my camo net vest was my Mom's and she gave it to me! My skirt was given to me from my step Mom. Mt belt is a really old one from Primark and I'm wearing my creme fabric brogues from none other than Topshop! 
Oooh have you noticed my nails?'! Recently I've started to put a lot of effort into them for some strange reason hahaa but stripes are my thing! Have a loverlee day!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Goodbye summer! (last BBQ)

Hello there! As I am ott with organising I have been scheduling all my posts for the last month or I would be posting like every other day rather than the twice a week I have been doing. So this should haven really been posted on the 1st of September (because that's when it happened). It was my little cousins 5th birthday and all the family came round for a BBQ- since I live in England the weather is not that great so this will more than likely be the last one of the year :(

I wore my treggings that I picked up from a charity shop that were originally from Zara, I borrowed my moms blazer from Next (I borrow clothes quite regularly from my mom). My light blue vest is from Reiss it was a gift in an Elle magazine from earlier this year. As usual I'm wearing my platform sneakers :) It was such a lovely day/evening and a great end to my summer! Next stop is college for me!! Hope you have a loverlee day! 

Friday, 14 September 2012


Hello there! You may have noticed (you may have not) that I have a new page link, I've recently joined Pinterest. It's basically like Tumblr, but you can make it more personal to you. For example I'm planning on decorating my room, as we're having a lot of work done to our house because it's getting really old (which is another story) I've made an inspiration board which is just a visual way of looking at what your interests are. So these are some images from a board I made called Bed room plans #1.

 I've also made other boards but they were just random things I saw when I first joined and liked. I'm going to start organising it more, so that it will make more sense but if you are on Pinterest I'll follow you back. I know hardly anyone who has it and I want to follow people on there. Have a loverlee day!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Plain black maxi skirt

Hello there! I wanted to do a post on how I would style a plain black maxi skirt because I don't usually wear mine and I haven't seen that many people rocking them this summer, when really there's so much you can do with them. I just threw some pieces together and it looks pretty cool (I think). 

So my maxi skirt I picked up from T.K Max earlier this year which was only £10. My baggy white vest with the contrast print and string detail at the back was from Next (it was my moms but she either gave it to me or I may have just claimed it to be mine). My Over-sized green blazer I bought from a vintage store for only £6!! I was really happy with that buy, I've started to wear it more often lately. Then on to my much loved platform sneakers from Topshop, they may look a little different because I've changed the laces from pink to white now. This is a really easy look that anyone could pull off! You just have to make it your own by maybe adding statement jewelry or some cool some accessories? My little green bag is from Primark and I bought it in the sale last Christmas for £3 I think. Have a loverlee day! 

Friday, 7 September 2012

DIY pant shorts!

Hey there! I found an awesome blog that shows you how to make pant shorts, as shown in the photographs just below. I'm not taking any of the credit for this DIY but this is just a quick overview of what I did! For the original blog post please click here! Maycie has done an excellent step by step tutorial video and post so you must check it out!

what you need: A pair of your shorts, a meter of fabric, elastic, tailors chalk, thread, pins, pattern paper (I used grease prove paper), a sewing machine, a ruler and a pair of fabric scissors.

Trace round your shorts on to the pattern paper with a ruler.

Add a 1cm line around the traced shape for the hem. At the top of the shorts I added an extra 2cm's because I wanted my shorts to be high waisted. Then I cut my pattern out. 

Fold your fabric so that both of the right sides are facing each other. Using tailors chalk, draw the around the pattern onto the fabric, on the fold. Then cut out the pattern and repeat (as you need two pieces). 

Thread your machine and choose your threads. Put both fabric pieces laying flat with the right sides facing each other. Sew across the curved lines (mine aren't that curved because of the shape of my shorts- if you are getting lost please look at Maycies' post!)  

Fold the bottom hem 1cm inwards and sew all the way across. Repeat this on the other side. As shown above! After that pin the crotch together and sew all the way across.

Fold down the waist hem and pin. Then sew all the way around leaving a small gap for the elastic. With a safety pin, feed the elastic all the way around the hem waist of the shorts and seal securely. 

This is what my shorts turn out like in the end! I'm really pleased with them and all the credit goes to Maycie so follow her if you're already not! I'm going to buy some more fabric and try it out again and again. I'm so sorry if my quick overview does not help very much when I do this next time I promise to take better photos (I kept on forgetting to take photos as i went along) tell me what you guys think and I should do a post on how I style them soon! Have a loverlee day! 

Monday, 3 September 2012

Autumn is most definitely coming!

Hello there! It's coming to the end of summer now and I soon start back at college in the next week or so. If I'm honest I'm not really looking forward to it, this summer has been so different to any other for so many different reasons. I just don't want it to end! I have been able to post so much and I really love blogging, so I don't want to have too much work with college and not be able to post as often. Anyways enough with my life story :) a change in season calls for a slight change in wardrobe for me!

The sneaky attempt to get my little sister in the picture... Accomplished ;)

To be honest the only reason I was wearing such a thick coat is because, when I went to the park It looked fairly cold outsidewhen actually it was completely fine, really humid if anything! My (as I like to call) Matrix coat was given to me from my mom. I'm not sure were she bought it from but it's Adidas. I'm borrowing my sisters leopard print vest top (I swear I wear it more than she does!). My treggings I bought from a charity shop, but they were originally from Zara. Then on to my much loved Nike blazers, given to me from my awesome cousin! Hope you all settle back into school, college or university! Have a loverlee day :)