Friday, 21 September 2012

Bold print and camo vest!

Hello there! So I know everyone (especially where I live) has been rocking their camo studded jackets and since I'm not really into it I thought i'd do something a little different...

So sorry about squinting hahha it was so sunny! My over-sized abstract print shirt is "thrifted", my camo net vest was my Mom's and she gave it to me! My skirt was given to me from my step Mom. Mt belt is a really old one from Primark and I'm wearing my creme fabric brogues from none other than Topshop! 
Oooh have you noticed my nails?'! Recently I've started to put a lot of effort into them for some strange reason hahaa but stripes are my thing! Have a loverlee day!


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  2. Hahah, yeah Im not sure if im totally for the camo trend right now, but i might change my mind. Love the thrifted jacket :)

    1. I know right! When a lot of people are doing the same thing it puts me off a bit, awww thanks! xo


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