Friday, 7 September 2012

DIY pant shorts!

Hey there! I found an awesome blog that shows you how to make pant shorts, as shown in the photographs just below. I'm not taking any of the credit for this DIY but this is just a quick overview of what I did! For the original blog post please click here! Maycie has done an excellent step by step tutorial video and post so you must check it out!

what you need: A pair of your shorts, a meter of fabric, elastic, tailors chalk, thread, pins, pattern paper (I used grease prove paper), a sewing machine, a ruler and a pair of fabric scissors.

Trace round your shorts on to the pattern paper with a ruler.

Add a 1cm line around the traced shape for the hem. At the top of the shorts I added an extra 2cm's because I wanted my shorts to be high waisted. Then I cut my pattern out. 

Fold your fabric so that both of the right sides are facing each other. Using tailors chalk, draw the around the pattern onto the fabric, on the fold. Then cut out the pattern and repeat (as you need two pieces). 

Thread your machine and choose your threads. Put both fabric pieces laying flat with the right sides facing each other. Sew across the curved lines (mine aren't that curved because of the shape of my shorts- if you are getting lost please look at Maycies' post!)  

Fold the bottom hem 1cm inwards and sew all the way across. Repeat this on the other side. As shown above! After that pin the crotch together and sew all the way across.

Fold down the waist hem and pin. Then sew all the way around leaving a small gap for the elastic. With a safety pin, feed the elastic all the way around the hem waist of the shorts and seal securely. 

This is what my shorts turn out like in the end! I'm really pleased with them and all the credit goes to Maycie so follow her if you're already not! I'm going to buy some more fabric and try it out again and again. I'm so sorry if my quick overview does not help very much when I do this next time I promise to take better photos (I kept on forgetting to take photos as i went along) tell me what you guys think and I should do a post on how I style them soon! Have a loverlee day! 


  1. These are cute!!! love them <3 :)

  2. The print on these shorts are gorg, I'm going to try this diy on the weekend.

    1. Do a blog post on them! I wanna see :) xo


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