Monday, 17 September 2012

Goodbye summer! (last BBQ)

Hello there! As I am ott with organising I have been scheduling all my posts for the last month or I would be posting like every other day rather than the twice a week I have been doing. So this should haven really been posted on the 1st of September (because that's when it happened). It was my little cousins 5th birthday and all the family came round for a BBQ- since I live in England the weather is not that great so this will more than likely be the last one of the year :(

I wore my treggings that I picked up from a charity shop that were originally from Zara, I borrowed my moms blazer from Next (I borrow clothes quite regularly from my mom). My light blue vest is from Reiss it was a gift in an Elle magazine from earlier this year. As usual I'm wearing my platform sneakers :) It was such a lovely day/evening and a great end to my summer! Next stop is college for me!! Hope you have a loverlee day! 


  1. You make sneakers look so chic, and I'm loving that necklace!

    We should definitely follow each other.

    P.S. I came across your blog through Houston and Parsimony.

    1. Thank you I picked it up from H&M :) yeah sure thing! xo


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