Friday, 14 September 2012


Hello there! You may have noticed (you may have not) that I have a new page link, I've recently joined Pinterest. It's basically like Tumblr, but you can make it more personal to you. For example I'm planning on decorating my room, as we're having a lot of work done to our house because it's getting really old (which is another story) I've made an inspiration board which is just a visual way of looking at what your interests are. So these are some images from a board I made called Bed room plans #1.

 I've also made other boards but they were just random things I saw when I first joined and liked. I'm going to start organising it more, so that it will make more sense but if you are on Pinterest I'll follow you back. I know hardly anyone who has it and I want to follow people on there. Have a loverlee day!

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