Saturday, 20 October 2012

I hate my pictures but I wanted to do a post

Hello there! These pictures are about a month old now but I just didn't want to use them because I hate them, but since I can't post as often I thought I may as well because I miss blogging :( 

I think it's pretty funny how I'm matching the graffiti wall I'm in front of. So I'll start off with my new pair of jeans I purchased from H&M just before starting back at college, I really like them although now I see A LOT of people wearing them at the minute so I'm kinda waiting until it dies down a little, I mean two of my friends at college have the same pair!! My top is from a vintage store called Cow, it was only like £2 which is pretty good! My Pu leather jacket and platform sneakers are both from Topshop and yeah that's about it. I'm so sorry I'm not posting as regularly, I really do miss it but I bring good news. I've decided that when I get to 50 followers I'm going to do a really cool giveaway, I'm currently on 26 so lets try and get 50 by the end of this year!! I hope you all have a loverlee day :) 


  1. I loooove the graffiti behind you in these photos, so artistic. Lovely outfit btw

  2. Amazing! The pants are perfect <3

    xo Sarah, at The Indie Fox


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