Sunday, 30 December 2012

My Urban Outfitters Wish List!

Hello there! Being a big fan of Urban Outfitters but not having the money for it pretty much 95% of the time I'm taking the advantage of their 50% off sale! :) 

1. Now being a huge fan of fringing, I'm in love with this shirt! I have always wanted to try this out myself however I haven't ever found fringing long enough (at a reasonable price that is)
2. What unsurprisingly drew me to this jumper is the slashing on the shoulder going down to the back ~ I dont really like the cross print on the front (it's not my style) but it'll be something pretty cool to try out!
3+4  Henry Holland is probably one of my favourite designers, I love his big bold clashy colours, playful prints and im just generally obbessed with nearly if not everything he produces! Out of the jumper or dress ~ I would love to get the dress most of al
5. Being someone who is not a big fan of long skirts and only having like two it's very hard for me to like them for myself ~ I really like this skirt because it has so much to it and therefore you wouldn't have to make such a big effort to pull it off, yet at the same time you could dress it up so well.
6. I hope you are all famuilar with Eliza Doolittle as my favourite music artist ~ she I know is a fan of Bitching & Junkfood a really cool clothing company that have some amazing shorts! I really like the sequin and bobble trim on these, although I wouldn't necessarily wear them now ~ but they're definitely a spring/summer want for me!
Hope this has been a little interesting for anyone reading ~ hope you have a loverlee day! 
ps. Question of the day ~ what has caught your eye so far in the sales? 

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Hope You Had Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

Christmas drinks from starbucks

Decoration in my City's town

Hands down best ice cream I've had so far

DIY ~ frost ombre nails (i'll do a post on it very soon)

Christmas eve ootd :)

Me and my brother on Christmas day
Hello there! I hope you all had a loverlee Christmas, I know I sure did. It was so nice seeing family, speaking with friends, giving out all my Christmas presents and eating too much of course!
These are just a few Christmassy photo's from my Instagram I thought would be cool to upload. 
I have exams soon and therefore will still be posting very irregularly again but I will try whenever I doo get time! 
As always have a loverleee day :)

Monday, 24 December 2012

A very special Christmas post just for you!

Hello there! As you may or may not know, my absolute favourite music artist is Miss Eliza Doolittle! This Christmas she realised a Christmas ep for free!

There are three song on the ep;
The gift of giving
Xmas in bed
Last Christmas

I am in love with all the songs on here, I highly recommend you download it, the first 5000 people can for free then after that you can only stream it, so GO GO GO! All three of these songs will brighten up any Christmas playlist.
I wish everyone a loverlee Christmas and a very happy new year! <--- Link to ep

Sunday, 23 December 2012

My Day After Westminster University

Hello there! So as I've previously mentioned I have been going to various University Open days... Well I've only been to 3 so far but it feels like loads more okay!/?
So I went to Westminster University in London the other day and it's amazing! I've set my target to get into there although when I say competition is tough I mean 1200 people apply and only 40 get onto Fashion the course, tough :( 
I guess in some ways it's really scary but on the other hand it's also very motivating!

So the first like 10 pictures are from M&M world in London. This place is actually amazing, I just wanted to buy everything!! Peanut butter M&Ms are the best I've had so far! As you can tell me and my dad passed through China Town, as I'm obsessed with the tiny Oriental mart we have in Nottingham, I was like literally in heaven here! The last few pictures are just from little stalls I thought were really cool, and I had never seen a Ben and Jerry's stand before, although I really wanted a cookie-dough cone, it was so cold that evening and I would've frozen! 
Hope this has been a quite an interesting post it's a little different from my usual OOTD posts, and let me know if you like posts like this... Or not! Soo yeah, as usual have a loverlee day!! :)

Question of the week; Doo you have a favourite M&M flavour?
I look forward to reading your loverlee comments! :)