Sunday, 30 December 2012

My Urban Outfitters Wish List!

Hello there! Being a big fan of Urban Outfitters but not having the money for it pretty much 95% of the time I'm taking the advantage of their 50% off sale! :) 

1. Now being a huge fan of fringing, I'm in love with this shirt! I have always wanted to try this out myself however I haven't ever found fringing long enough (at a reasonable price that is)
2. What unsurprisingly drew me to this jumper is the slashing on the shoulder going down to the back ~ I dont really like the cross print on the front (it's not my style) but it'll be something pretty cool to try out!
3+4  Henry Holland is probably one of my favourite designers, I love his big bold clashy colours, playful prints and im just generally obbessed with nearly if not everything he produces! Out of the jumper or dress ~ I would love to get the dress most of al
5. Being someone who is not a big fan of long skirts and only having like two it's very hard for me to like them for myself ~ I really like this skirt because it has so much to it and therefore you wouldn't have to make such a big effort to pull it off, yet at the same time you could dress it up so well.
6. I hope you are all famuilar with Eliza Doolittle as my favourite music artist ~ she I know is a fan of Bitching & Junkfood a really cool clothing company that have some amazing shorts! I really like the sequin and bobble trim on these, although I wouldn't necessarily wear them now ~ but they're definitely a spring/summer want for me!
Hope this has been a little interesting for anyone reading ~ hope you have a loverlee day! 
ps. Question of the day ~ what has caught your eye so far in the sales? 

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