Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New camera yo!

Hello there! I have finally finished my exams, woooo!! (well I have one more next week but it's no biggie) I thought I'd doo my previous blog post again (in better quality) it's a little different from last post... But not that different! 

Crop Top Topshop Skirt H&M Tights New Look Coat H&M

With the money I was saving for a new camera and at the slow rate I was going at saving for one, my mom helped me out and generously paid for it! I was using the camera on my phone (which on a good day I must say is pretty okay) since my camera before was messing up on quality issues and all that jazz. In other news I have a new coat! I bought this leopard print leather sleeve panel in the H&M sale for just £15!!!! I was so psyched when I saw it online and I love it even more in person!! I'm planning on dooing a haul soon (It'll be my first ever one!) since I gots a lot to show ya'll!
As always hope you have a loverlee day!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Très vite!

Hello there! Thought it would be cool to just doo a quick little outfit of the day. No fancy smancy pictures just a few that I quickly took before I went to do some revision at the library of learning!

Crop Top Topshop Skirt H&M Tights New Look Flatforms Asos

So I have two important exams coming up in about a week now so I literally shot these in like five minutes just before I went and did some (not so hard core) revision, but I've stopped procrastinating so s'all good! I really like this long sleeved crop top as you can pair it with anything high waisted so you don't have to show your belly button! In my last picture I look quite sad... That's what revision does to me hahahahaa!
Hope you have a loverlee day, speak soon! 

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Flatforms

Hello there! Since Christmas I've been able to reduce my Asos saved items, however I'll tell a little lie, they had a mini sale before Christmas and I bought these loverlees ;) 

 Playsuit Miss Selfridge Blazer Topshop Tights Henry Holland Pretty Polly Flatforms Asos

It's been a while since I've done a OOTD post and I've really missed it! I kitted out my playsuit in silver coloured studs, mainly around the neckline and some on the actual body to make it a little different and edgy. With metallics and prints being my two favourite statements I really like the outcome merging both together. This is just a fun outfit I went Christmas sale shopping in with my younger brother (who I dragged out side to take pictures for me). My camera stopped working properly so I'm stuck with my camera on my phone for the time being, but it shouldn't be too long until I get a new one (my birthday is coming up :D)
As always hope you have a loverlee daayy! :)