Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New camera yo!

Hello there! I have finally finished my exams, woooo!! (well I have one more next week but it's no biggie) I thought I'd doo my previous blog post again (in better quality) it's a little different from last post... But not that different! 

Crop Top Topshop Skirt H&M Tights New Look Coat H&M

With the money I was saving for a new camera and at the slow rate I was going at saving for one, my mom helped me out and generously paid for it! I was using the camera on my phone (which on a good day I must say is pretty okay) since my camera before was messing up on quality issues and all that jazz. In other news I have a new coat! I bought this leopard print leather sleeve panel in the H&M sale for just £15!!!! I was so psyched when I saw it online and I love it even more in person!! I'm planning on dooing a haul soon (It'll be my first ever one!) since I gots a lot to show ya'll!
As always hope you have a loverlee day!


  1. Love your skirt x

  2. Love your skirt (sucker for pleats) :)
    and your tights are adorable!

  3. Love that jacket and the top and the skirt lol, love the whole outfit, you look great


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