Saturday, 16 February 2013

18 years 18 years

Hello there! I'm finally getting round to uploading these posts (finally), in other news I turned 18 the other day. I thought why not share some pictures with ya'll!

Kimono Topshop Crushed Velvet Dress Ebay

Me and my friends from school went to TGI Fridays! If you've never been before I really recommend it. The food, cocktails and just fun atmosphere is so cool and I always enjoy myself whenever I go.
I decided to wear make-up and since I usually don't, I thought why not? My lipstick is mac I can't remember exactly what shade (I'll find out later) but it does stay on pretty well to say I do not have a lip primer. Apart from that I'm wearing the usual stuffs like eye liner, blush and powder... Oh and gold eye shadow (I don't wear foundation).
Have a loverlee day, speak soon xo


  1. Happy Belated! Love the Kanye inspired title lol

  2. Amazing photos!!! :D
    With love,
    Miriam (


Thank you for all your lovely comments, I honestly appreciate them so much! xo