Sunday, 24 February 2013

China Town

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Hello there! I went to London the other week with college to get inspiration for my new textiles project. As I'm obsessed with all things oriental me and my friend took a sneaky trip to China Town in Central London.
I'm finding men's clothing more appealing to women's at the moment, I haven't been on any shopping trips but from what I've seen lately, I really like the prints in men's clothing (the size can be a problem) especially in shirts and sweatshirts.
Hope you have a loverlee day, speak soon! :] xo


  1. SAME here! I am soooo finding men's clothing more appealing to women. I am slowly trying to incorporate more looks into my wardrobe that are like that. Staring with getting a African print suit! I NEED ONE, I saw so many of them on men during LFW :) Ahhhh

    1. Omg I really want one too!! I bought a oversized African print shirt that I'm wearing as a dress atm! If I see any around I'll let you know :)

    2. Yeah, its really nice, I can't wait until you style the other one you have ^_^ and THANK YOUUUUU same here!

  2. omg loving this outfit! the shirt with the dungarees looks insane :) and ah china town is so cool! wish i lived in london :) xo


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