Saturday, 2 March 2013

my wardrobe is missin' a lil somethin' somethinn'

Space boots River Island

Hello there! **Excuse my grammar in the title hahaha! Other than men's clothing, for quite a while I've been a lover of all thing metallic you know.. the cool shiny stuffs? 
Just before Christmas I came across these awesome flat-form boots in River Island and I've been in love (and broke) ever since! They've recently gone into sale and THE temptation right now is like so erm... tempting? 
Trust me there was initially a point to this post hahahaa! But I guess I just wanted to show what I'm diggin' at the mo, 60s space age is way cool and I am very inspired, I'm personally not a fan of the shift dress on me, but I'd definitely wear a metallic silver jump suit, hells yeah!!~ hopefully in a few weeks time I'll have a post wearing these boots... you never know right ;)
Have a loverlee day and all that jazz! xo

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