Thursday, 21 March 2013

Bring back the Bindi

Dress Ebay Bag and Jacket Topshop Tights Primark Flatform Space Boots RiverIsland 

Hey there! It was one of my close friends 18th Birthday the other weekend and she had a party which was amazing! I wanted to do my pictures outside but it was raining and I didn't want to kill my camera hahaha! I'm really proud of my dress because I got it for £3 and I'm unbelievably happy with the quality to say it was bought for hardly anything. About 10 years ago when my neighbours moved, they gave me a Sari and a beautiful pack of Bindis, I used to wear them ALL the time when I was younger **while prancing around in my Sari, but recently I have been really wanting to wear them and thought why not buy some since this party was a good excuse. 
I am loving my new flatform space boots (this was the first time I wore them). When I go to party's or if I'm out clubbing there's this unwritten rule of having to wear high heels and if you know my blog you'll probably know that I have never uploaded a post wanting, wearing or even writing about heels. (I do have two pairs though!!) For nights out flatforms are great and your feet do not hurt after! 
Hope you have a loverlee day!
*Question of the week.. Heels or flats?
T xo

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Big Bang (not theory)

Hello there! No this is not a post about the TV series Big Bang Theory, however it is about the South Korean boy band! 

From Left to Right:  Kwon Ji-yong,  Choi Seung-hyun,  Lee Seung-hyun,  Dong Young-bae, 
Kang Dae-sung.

Last year my friend introduced me to K-Pop and since listening to so many different groups and solo artists I've been wanting to post about my favourite group Big Bang for a while now but I didn't feel as though I knew enough about them to talk about them confidently (if you get what I mean). The thing I love about Big Bang is that they have such a catchy lyrics and really cool R'n'B beats, moreover their fashion is just awesome and their music videos are just so diverse!
Of course in a boy band you (usually) have favourites and if you were to ask me Kwon Ji-yong (stage name G-Dragon) and Choi Seung-hyun (stage name T.O.P) hands down are my boys! They have a album together that I have and seriously love! I highly recommend you venture out into the world of K-pop, I haven't gone a day not listening to it in a while now hahaha
As always, hope you have a loverlee day! xo

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ohh just have fun with it!

Blazer Skirt Tights Primark Vest Warehouse

'Ello there! I feel that sometimes there's pressure to upload "quality" content on our blogs. I do not necessarily mean this in a negative way because, it is great when you have put a lot of effort in a post, especially when it really shows! 
However I'll admit that in the past, I have deleted posts because I didn't feel as though it was "good enough" to be posted. When people ask about my blog they immediately compare me to these bigger well-known bloggers. Admittedly this can be a quite off putting since my members count is arguably small. I dunno maybe people who do not blog just don't get it?
I personally do not believe that there is a "right way" to blog because it's yours for your own personally to shine through - as cheesy and as cringey as it sounds, it's true! I did not join blogger for my blog to get "big". I enjoy posting, making new friends and being inspired by others for what it is. I guess my point is whether you have 2 members on your blog or 2,000,000, just doo you :)
Hope you have a loverlee day!
T xo

Saturday, 2 March 2013

my wardrobe is missin' a lil somethin' somethinn'

Space boots River Island

Hello there! **Excuse my grammar in the title hahaha! Other than men's clothing, for quite a while I've been a lover of all thing metallic you know.. the cool shiny stuffs? 
Just before Christmas I came across these awesome flat-form boots in River Island and I've been in love (and broke) ever since! They've recently gone into sale and THE temptation right now is like so erm... tempting? 
Trust me there was initially a point to this post hahahaa! But I guess I just wanted to show what I'm diggin' at the mo, 60s space age is way cool and I am very inspired, I'm personally not a fan of the shift dress on me, but I'd definitely wear a metallic silver jump suit, hells yeah!!~ hopefully in a few weeks time I'll have a post wearing these boots... you never know right ;)
Have a loverlee day and all that jazz! xo