Sunday, 17 March 2013

Big Bang (not theory)

Hello there! No this is not a post about the TV series Big Bang Theory, however it is about the South Korean boy band! 

From Left to Right:  Kwon Ji-yong,  Choi Seung-hyun,  Lee Seung-hyun,  Dong Young-bae, 
Kang Dae-sung.

Last year my friend introduced me to K-Pop and since listening to so many different groups and solo artists I've been wanting to post about my favourite group Big Bang for a while now but I didn't feel as though I knew enough about them to talk about them confidently (if you get what I mean). The thing I love about Big Bang is that they have such a catchy lyrics and really cool R'n'B beats, moreover their fashion is just awesome and their music videos are just so diverse!
Of course in a boy band you (usually) have favourites and if you were to ask me Kwon Ji-yong (stage name G-Dragon) and Choi Seung-hyun (stage name T.O.P) hands down are my boys! They have a album together that I have and seriously love! I highly recommend you venture out into the world of K-pop, I haven't gone a day not listening to it in a while now hahaha
As always, hope you have a loverlee day! xo

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