Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ohh just have fun with it!

Blazer Skirt Tights Primark Vest Warehouse

'Ello there! I feel that sometimes there's pressure to upload "quality" content on our blogs. I do not necessarily mean this in a negative way because, it is great when you have put a lot of effort in a post, especially when it really shows! 
However I'll admit that in the past, I have deleted posts because I didn't feel as though it was "good enough" to be posted. When people ask about my blog they immediately compare me to these bigger well-known bloggers. Admittedly this can be a quite off putting since my members count is arguably small. I dunno maybe people who do not blog just don't get it?
I personally do not believe that there is a "right way" to blog because it's yours for your own personally to shine through - as cheesy and as cringey as it sounds, it's true! I did not join blogger for my blog to get "big". I enjoy posting, making new friends and being inspired by others for what it is. I guess my point is whether you have 2 members on your blog or 2,000,000, just doo you :)
Hope you have a loverlee day!
T xo


  1. cutee outfit, check out and follow my blogg

  2. i love this outfit! definitely taking a trip down to primark soon x


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