Monday, 29 April 2013

Hazy Paisley

Hey there! I can't gather my thoughts today so the title of this post suits me quite well! College is seriously stressing me out and it’s becoming way too much to handle. (So I shouldn't really be posting and should be revising but I'm using blogger as a study break ok?!). Although the weather was decent today I had to buy tights because it started to get a lil chilly and I didn't have any tights on at first, praise the Lord for Primark ahahaa!


Denim Shirt Vintage Crop Top & High-Low Skirt Ebay Tights & Socks Primark Kicks JD

So my laptop (unexpectedly) broke the other day and I'm having to be sneaky and upload posts in my college library which usually results in people asking various questions... Which is always fun ahaha?
 I have been wearing my denim shirt as a jacket a lot lately because it's a baggy fit and when the sleeves are rolled up, it gives it a causal effortless look. Ebay has been my savour for the past 9 months or so, I have bought soo much off there from rings to inflatable back packs, I LOVE IT! You can nab some real bargains both my skirt and crop top were £3 each!! Primark saved my life and I picked up these paisley printed tights for a measly £1! I had all three of my subjects today so this is just a practical outfit to chill in Textiles and is comfortable enough to study in French and Business...

I'm going to say I won't be uploading for a while.. But I doubt that's the case since I have some pretty exciting DIYs coming up! I am being so productive with non-related college work and not focusing enough on what should be my priorities. I wouldn't call it procrastinating because it’s productive and it is what I've been wanting to doo for so long now...
Anyways enough of my rambling on...
Have a loverlee day !

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Spring where've you been dude?

Hello there loverlees! I have something big to announce okay... SPRING FINALLY CAME! So lately in England, the weather has been on the biggest mood swings! Like one day it'll be snowing, the next it rains and then when the snow has finally gone.. It starts snowing again!
But this week has been so nice (which is kinda out of the blue **not complaining) so naturally I gots my spring on!


Skirt & Crop Top Asos Coat New Look Tights Primark Flatforms House Of Holland & Superga Collab.
I'm actually in love with my flatforms! I bought these (second hand but brand new) on Ebay for only £20!! They were originally £80 so I think it's a pretty sweet bargain! The reason why I'm so in love with them? I originally wanted these but they sold out when they went on sale online and I ended up buying a different pair in black. Ohh and Eliza Doolittle has these exact trainers so yeah.. We're twining!
I've practically been living in my 90s crop top which again was an amazing bargain as it was only £4.50 and my Pineapple print skirt was only £7. I can literally pair my crop top with anything and it makes an outfit look a little more playful and 'girly'. Basically I've become a online bargain hunter and the results so far are pretty sweet, don't ya think?
I'm really looking forward to summer and (fingers crossed) more sunny weather, I have so many things I want to wear and try out and waahh, I can't wait!
Hope you have a loverlee day ~ I've got an awesome DIY coming up so that should be good!


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

Hello there! This is the second time I've been nominated for an award so I am very excited to be dooing this again and so very grateful! I was nominated twice by these loverlee loverlees!
Thank you so much both of you! Please can everyone check out their blogs, they're both awesome and deserve some super blog lovin'!
Da Rules !

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Include a link to their blog.

3. Select 15 new bloggers you follow regularly.

4. Nominate these bloggers for a Versatile Blogger Award, leave a link to their page and a comment on their latest post to let them know they have been nominated.

5. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

7  facts you may not (or may already) know about me.
  • I have a very unhealthy obsession with Eliza Doolittle (you probably already knew that).

  • I have been a lover of all things hello kitty since the age of about 9.

  • My dream (apart from to meet Miss Doolittle) is to work within the fashion industry hopefully in the styling/designing area.

  • I'm currently learning Japanese (for fun at the moment but as soon as my exams are over I'll knuckle down).

  • My guilty pleasure is Start Trek (please don't judge me hahaha).

  • I can't go a day without having a cup of tea (I can be quite the stereotypical Brit sometimes).

  • Travelling and exploring new places is one of my most favourite things to doo.

Now for the 15 loverlee bloggers I would like to nominate.

Nokhuthula - Crystal Cosmic Chic
Jessica - Vintage Virgin
Christal & Christina - Twin Vibes
Sarah - The Indie Fox
Sergio - Males Clutch
 Kathy - half agony
 Hope this has been a little interesting to read and hopefully you can get to know a few more blogs you've perhaps not yet come across. A new post shall be coming very soon! (college is killing me at the moment!) Speak to you soon!


Friday, 12 April 2013

Easter break - mini haul ?

Hey there! Easter break for me has been a little stressful to say the least! Now I have exams coming up in 4/5 weeks time and I have had a lot of college work to catch up on but at the same time, I've been super super busy!
I've been a little naughty and took a sneaky trip to Topshop (in my defence I didn't spend my own physical money, I had a gift card hahaha!). I really like this 'Space age galaxy' themed vest, I'm not a fan of the galaxy print leggings (on me, because I don't really wear leggings) so this vest is perfect for me! It was only £9 with student discount. My new satchel bag is also from topshop and it was £7. I really like the blue toned aztec print, it'll suit a lot of my outfits for this S/S. 
Ok so maybe I did spend some money on asos? My new blue knicker shorts (don't worry I will be putting fringing or something on the back as they are very short) are (in my opinion) AMAZING! I love the lacey cut out sections they're quite unique and I can't wait for the weather to warm up so that I can finally get to wear them!! 
On to the last thing... I am obbessed with Hello Panda snack, perhaps this has branched from my love for all things Hello Kitty? Either way these biscuit snacks are awesome and I wanted to share my love for them with you hahaha :)
Hope you have a loverlee day! 
Taya x

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Afri-can print some awesome prints !

Hey there! I've decided every week I want to post (at least) twice a week, this won't necessarily be OOTDs because I get bored of just posting my outfits and lately I've been dooing a lot and it'll cool to share that... Well I think anyways :)

Oversized Mens Shirt Asos Plain Black Dress Next Tights Primark 
I'm obsessed with mens clothing and it's getting pretty bad, I'm borrowing my older cousins coat atm and I just want all of this clothes (especially his shirts!) I bought this shirt at the same time I bought my other as seen in my China town post. I plan on making this into a dress I think it'll be one of my favourites in summer- I can't wait!!
Have a loverlee day y'all !
speak soon, T x

Monday, 8 April 2013

Wait a second..

Hello there, now I've been thinking a lot lately about life in general and what I want to doo with mine, where I want to be and what I hope to achieve. I came to the realisation I'm not happy... well content with myself, with work, my grades and what I spend my time doo-ing.
Productivity needs to be my priority and if I want to carry on learning a new language, making clothes in my spare time and blogging, I need to set a specific time for each of these things around college, if I plan to get the best grades possible.

Crop Top Topshop Tailored Trousers H&M

I'm kinda into sporty stuff at the moment, I don't usually wear jeans/trouser/sweats but I bought this pair last year and I really shocked people at college when I wore them hahahaha.
As always have a loverlee day!
Taya x