Monday, 29 April 2013

Hazy Paisley

Hey there! I can't gather my thoughts today so the title of this post suits me quite well! College is seriously stressing me out and it’s becoming way too much to handle. (So I shouldn't really be posting and should be revising but I'm using blogger as a study break ok?!). Although the weather was decent today I had to buy tights because it started to get a lil chilly and I didn't have any tights on at first, praise the Lord for Primark ahahaa!


Denim Shirt Vintage Crop Top & High-Low Skirt Ebay Tights & Socks Primark Kicks JD

So my laptop (unexpectedly) broke the other day and I'm having to be sneaky and upload posts in my college library which usually results in people asking various questions... Which is always fun ahaha?
 I have been wearing my denim shirt as a jacket a lot lately because it's a baggy fit and when the sleeves are rolled up, it gives it a causal effortless look. Ebay has been my savour for the past 9 months or so, I have bought soo much off there from rings to inflatable back packs, I LOVE IT! You can nab some real bargains both my skirt and crop top were £3 each!! Primark saved my life and I picked up these paisley printed tights for a measly £1! I had all three of my subjects today so this is just a practical outfit to chill in Textiles and is comfortable enough to study in French and Business...

I'm going to say I won't be uploading for a while.. But I doubt that's the case since I have some pretty exciting DIYs coming up! I am being so productive with non-related college work and not focusing enough on what should be my priorities. I wouldn't call it procrastinating because it’s productive and it is what I've been wanting to doo for so long now...
Anyways enough of my rambling on...
Have a loverlee day !


  1. Love the Denim shirt and Your rings.

    Please take some time out & visit my blog
    Claudia xx

  2. Those tights are so gorgeous. Really enjoyed that shot of them. Wonderful outfit and lovely you :)


Thank you for all your lovely comments, I honestly appreciate them so much! xo