Saturday, 20 April 2013

Spring where've you been dude?

Hello there loverlees! I have something big to announce okay... SPRING FINALLY CAME! So lately in England, the weather has been on the biggest mood swings! Like one day it'll be snowing, the next it rains and then when the snow has finally gone.. It starts snowing again!
But this week has been so nice (which is kinda out of the blue **not complaining) so naturally I gots my spring on!


Skirt & Crop Top Asos Coat New Look Tights Primark Flatforms House Of Holland & Superga Collab.
I'm actually in love with my flatforms! I bought these (second hand but brand new) on Ebay for only £20!! They were originally £80 so I think it's a pretty sweet bargain! The reason why I'm so in love with them? I originally wanted these but they sold out when they went on sale online and I ended up buying a different pair in black. Ohh and Eliza Doolittle has these exact trainers so yeah.. We're twining!
I've practically been living in my 90s crop top which again was an amazing bargain as it was only £4.50 and my Pineapple print skirt was only £7. I can literally pair my crop top with anything and it makes an outfit look a little more playful and 'girly'. Basically I've become a online bargain hunter and the results so far are pretty sweet, don't ya think?
I'm really looking forward to summer and (fingers crossed) more sunny weather, I have so many things I want to wear and try out and waahh, I can't wait!
Hope you have a loverlee day ~ I've got an awesome DIY coming up so that should be good!



  1. Such a lovely quirky look. Love your skirt x

  2. Hey, love the crop top! I'm obsessed with them too, so glad they're in fashion atm so all the stores are full of them.
    Thanks loads for nominating me for the versatile blogger award but (trying not to sound like a bitch) I prefer to keep my blog just outfits and inspiration, sorry x

    1. Thank you so much!
      Aww no don't worry about it!

  3. Absolutely adore your outfit! The skirt is absolutely gorgeous - can't believe it was only 7 pounds
    Glad to hear that Spring has arrived for you :)


Thank you for all your lovely comments, I honestly appreciate them so much! xo