Monday, 8 April 2013

Wait a second..

Hello there, now I've been thinking a lot lately about life in general and what I want to doo with mine, where I want to be and what I hope to achieve. I came to the realisation I'm not happy... well content with myself, with work, my grades and what I spend my time doo-ing.
Productivity needs to be my priority and if I want to carry on learning a new language, making clothes in my spare time and blogging, I need to set a specific time for each of these things around college, if I plan to get the best grades possible.

Crop Top Topshop Tailored Trousers H&M

I'm kinda into sporty stuff at the moment, I don't usually wear jeans/trouser/sweats but I bought this pair last year and I really shocked people at college when I wore them hahahaha.
As always have a loverlee day!
Taya x


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