Sunday, 21 July 2013

JUJU Jellies (a very old post that didnt upload when I told it to!)

Hey there! I finally bought them yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I have been wanting to get these for ages its crazy! But I have the juju jellies magic awesomeness ^.^
(brace yourself for moody pics ahaha)
Skirt Vintage Long Sleeve Hollister Sports Top Nike
Tights & Socks House of Holland JuJu Jellies Office
This was just a simple outfit I wore when I went to get some textiles supplies for my exam two weeks ago, I'm not too fussed about what I'm wearing it's kinda random but I just wanted to show you my cute new sandals ahhhhh!
You will more than likely see me in them a gergilien times because I'm wearing them to death at the moment!
Have a loverlee daaaaayy!
Taya :) xo xo
( This was supposed to upload by itself & I just found it now in drafts which sucks :( I've had these for about 3 months now and I seriously wear them nearly as much as I wear my Nikeys hahaha! I might even get another pair ^.~ )

Friday, 12 July 2013

Playsuit OOTD xo (IM BACK!)

Hello there! IM BACK YOU GUYS!!!!!!! My exams are over woooooo!!!! Gurl I have a lot to tell you!! I am soooo SO sooooooo excited to be back on blogger postin' commentin' & haulin'!

Playsuit Bay Earrings Ebay Lip Crayon Topshop

I love how the weather is allowing me to wear my playsuits without being judged hahaha! My cousin kindly gave me this playsuit about two years ago (okay maybe I nabbed it before her little sister asked for it?) and I still love it! Every summer I shall wear it until it becomes too small!
I'm obsessed with wearing lipsticks at the moment and I went into Topshop the other day and picked up this one! I guess with dark lipstick it's like marmite you either dig it or you don't..
This summer I plan to travel more, socialise more and more importantly BLOG MORE
I'm very happy to announce that I nearly have 50 followers on blogger!! I'm planning to doo something really cool when I hit that milestone. I just want to thank everyone who has kept on commenting on my blog while I've been away and I am very thankful for the 49 of you loverlees that already follow me, its been just over a year that I've been on blogger and I still love it!!
Have a loverlee day!
Love Tay x
(P.s It feels so good to be back!!)