Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What doo you know about Landaann townn?

Hey there!! I said I'd doo a general London post right? To say I only went for three days TRUST me it felt like at least five hahaha.

Day 1!
Me and my two other friends from Nottingham travelled down together in the morning, got to London early afternoon & just jammed until we went to a gig in Soho! It was super fun and hyped me up for seeing Eliza the next day!

 Turban & Necklace River Island Crop Top Asos Jacket Vintage Jeans Vintage

Day 2!
This day, was the day I was most looking forward to (surprise surprise) as I was seeing Eliza in the evening! I met with my friend Nat, did a bit of shopping and headed down to the assembly hall where the gig was held & met with Sophie and Amy! Eliza was amazing (obviously) and we met her afterwards! Shortly after taking pictures and chatting I went into central London to a club to meet with my other friends too parrtaayy!

Crop Top River Island Shorts Asos Tights River Island

Day 3!
I think by this day everyone (but me) was ready to go home as we aimlessly walked around central London trying to find this Anime/ Manga store in Soho for the majority of the last day! :( We did go to China Town, had bubble tea and tried Taiyaki (which was the best thing ever!!) but after walking in a circle for a while, seeing the same things 4 times over did get a tad tedious so we called it a day and went back to get ready to go home!

Vest Warehouse Necklace River Island Jeans Vintage & Rocking my Nikey's!

Hope you've enjoyed my London post! I'll be back down south in a few weeks time, so I might get another disposable camera to blog with because they're quite fun (and less hassle) to work with & I love the light grainy effect!
Have a loverlee day! (o^.^o)
Taya xox 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Crop it like it's hot

Hello there! I believe Asos had a crop top that said "crop it like its hot" and I really didn't like it but found it funny that they'd actually put that on a crop top ~ and that's the story of how I came up with my post title... You're welcome! :)

Crop Top H&M High Waisted Jeans Ebay Back Pack Thrifted Mens Jacket H&M

The weather across England had been CONSTANTLY super hot, like everyone had been complaining about it which is funny because we complain about it being wet all the time too, but we've been having storms lately so I guess that makes up for the constant hot weather?!
This was an outfit I wore in the day to hang with a friend then to go to a birthday meal in the evening, all I did was bang on some red lipstick to I guess "dress it up" just a bit! I bought this sports crop top to start jogging but never actually started jogging... BUT it's really nice to wear as you would a normal crop so shhh! And these are my pride & joy new jeans!
Hope ya have a loverlee day
T xo

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

In your hands. . .

Hello there!! Last week I went to London as Eliza Doolittle (A.K.A if you know me I shouldn't even have to explain to you who she is!!) had a gig I went to with my friends :)
Howeverrrrr.... I went down to London a day early and left the day after (I'll doo a post on that separately), I won't bore you with the details but I finally got to meet Eliza in person!! Yes people, I Taya Francis casually conversed with Eliza Doolittle, lets just all take that in for a second...


Michael Jai supported Eliza & he was flipping amazing, soo talented (and hot) definitely check him out!!

Crop Top River Island Shorts Asos Tights River Island

Eliza if I have annoyed you enough on twitter to check out my blog post I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much for the Islington gig, you were flipping incredible and we can't wait for in your hands to finally come out! I think everyone who knows me knows how much I am influenced by you (obviously in a good way ahahaha). You have been such an inspiration to me and I honestly can't express that enough, I don't mean to sound like a sap but I canny help it! I always used to joke about meeting you one day & I'd say "I'll end up fainting or crying or just freezing" but you are so kind and welcoming & just such a down to earth laydee... Please never change!
Me, Amy, Nat & Sophie can't wait to see you again soon! BRING ON OCTOBERRR!!
Big when I was little is available to download on iTunes now guys! Lets get Eliza to no.1!!
From one laydee to another,
have a loverlee day!
From one laydee to another,
love you all from Tay xo

Saturday, 3 August 2013

I made a new friend

Hey There!! So the weather has been just as hot here as like Spain so naturally everyone's complaining about it & missing the rain ect ect.. You legit can not win in England when it comes to the weather I swear!!

Blouse Forever 21 Shorts Asos Sunnies Ebay Bag Primark

So basically when I take pictures I get the odd glares & stares here & there, but today this guy asked if he could take a picture with me, LOL!! Being the nice person I am I found it funny & let him join in!! To say this is a very cool & lightweight outfit I was still pretty warm so I guess with my blouse being predominantly black didn't exactly help. I AM IN LOVE with these shorts! They're like my favourite pair to wear this summer & I'm so so glad the weather picked up just in time to  allow me to finally wear them out!!
I hope you have a loverlee rest of your day,
Speak soon!
Tay xo