Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Selfie project: Art Foundation




Hey there! I haven't really showed much of my work on here to doo with college so I thought why not? We were given two days off to take a self-portrait that could either represent ourselves (what I went for) a character or anything you wanted to do really. So here are my final 6 shots.

I chose mine to "represent me" in a way to show what inspires me pretty much through everything I doo, Eastern Asian cultures (more specifically Japanese... Obviously). I didn't want to shoot outside of "obvious" places that people in my class would recognise and in class feedback someone said if they didn't know me theyd think that this was just an image of a girl in her natural environment & that's what I wanted to portray! Not to say that I wish I were Asian because I don't, the culture just really inspires me.
Taya xo

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