Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hey there! Yes I know its been awhile & yes I don't have an exsusse but no my title isn't a legit website...


T-shirt Eliza Doolittle Merch Disco Pants Topshop Backpack Charity Store

Soo I've started art foundation and it is so cool and fun and I've made some pretty cool new friends the only problem is, I literally have NO time to myself! After going to college 9:30-4:30 Monday - Friday and having to catch up with work when I get home and then having to work at the weekends, it is so so so hard to fit in anything other than art & my weekend job. Leaving no time to study Japanese or do any DIYs or blog.
My T-shirt I bought off Ebay and it's from Eliza's original merchandise online store, the "DOO IT" tee in a size L because I dig the baggy fit. I won it for £2 which was pretty amazing! My disco paints I bought in the Topshop sale for £13.50 and they were originally something like £30/£40 roughly!! My back pack was bought from a charity store, bought for only £3.50!! Great quality bargains seriously are the best!!
I hope everyones's having an awesome time at school/college/Uni or whatever you doo, I really feel like I'm finally in the right place and I'm so motivated to do as well as I can!
Speak to you soon!
Tay xo
Ps. I'm still figuring out possible ways to get myself to Japan, hence the forward slash in the title hahaha, peace!

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