Sunday, 26 January 2014


Hello there! So I'm going to London tomorrow with college for two days which should be fun! I plan to go to AT LEAST 6 museums and art galleries as well as chilling in China Town (Obviously!) and taking my friends to this cute Japanese café that I always find excuses to go to! ^^

 Crop Top Asos Skirt Warehouse Tights 1 Primark 2 Hand me downs Jacket Vintage Coat H&M Docs Ebay
If you follow me on instagram you can probably tell these photos were taken a while ago because I don't have braids at the minute! However if you didn't know I think you need to follow me..... (KIDDING... Maybe).
I probably do not dress practically for college since I am in the 3D room, but until I find pastel pink overalls I guess I'll just have to wear what I have! I bought my Docs (brand new) off Ebay around November and they were only £43 inc p&p! I didn't want to get the classic black so I went for purple since they didn't have any pink ones (o~.~o) and I haven't stopped wearing them since!!!
**PS if anyone was thinking about getting docs but have been told they're a killer to break in, mine weren't hard or that painful at all!**

I'll take loads of pictures and doo a post on this lil London trip with college! Since it's Chinese new year in a few days, China Town will be Liiiiivee!

For those wondering Tadaima/ ただいま , is what you say when returning to somewhere e.g home, office at work ect ect in Japanese culture, so since I'm returning to blogger it's my title!
Speak soon!
Tay x

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  1. That purple sweater is so pretty and your legs are gorgeous in those tights :) You are so lovely!


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