Thursday, 13 February 2014

Manchester Digital Portfolio - MMU ID 14042519

Cuffs and Collars
This is a board showing the samples that I made from the textured paper (on the lest hand side) put into context on some models. I also cut out the models original clothing and placed knitting samples I also made on the knitting machines.

Cuffs and Collars
Again, this board shows how my samples could be placed on the body. These samples are more exaggerated, adventurous and again are inspired by the textured paper shown underneath.  

Cuffs and Collars
This is a sketch book page exploring how I could group certain samples together, initial ideas of my collar.
Artist/Designer: Comme Des Garcons

Cuffs and Collars
This is a more developed ideas page, here I have sampled a lot more and have a better understanding of my work. On the facing page explores one idea of making garments to accompany my project. 
Artist/Designer: Comme Des Garcons

Cuffs and Collars
Final Piece: my final piece consists of a lot of knit. the collars have been French knitted and placed in fabric stiffener. Then using balloons, placed them inside the knit and left them to dry. The suspended balls have been placed in the French knit. I made a structure for the second collar out of chopsticks and again used stiffened French knit around it. The cuffs have also been made out of French knitting. I made the garments on the knitting machines, I wanted to create a softer knit, something that wasn't too loud and didn't take the attention away from my cuffs and collars. 

Cuffs and Collars
Final piece.

Cuffs and Collars
Final piece.
On a college trip we went to Derbyshire for a few nights and had many drawing and painting activities to complete. These are examples of my paintings in strips in the background. I made a collagraph print from the landscapes using materials like foil, string and tape. I also made a landscapes inspired collection.

From my landscape paintings I made origami koi fish.

Landscape design made out of paper and photographed back in a landscape.

Close up of paper garment.
In the ceramics studio we all made chickens out of clay but weren't given any help in how we should go about it. I rolled my clay out and cut it into shapes and attached them together like a garment pattern. In groups we took out chickens out of the studio and photographed them on location. I also photographed mine in the studio and put it into context, looking at how I could make my chicken wearable.

Extreme styling
Using found everyday household items, in groups we created these nonsense characters and gave them all nonsense names. 

Repeat, 100 items
Our brief was: "Bring in 100 items of the same thing and work in repeat in different ways. Make either something wearable or a household product". I used zip cable ties and experimented with the different ways that they could but put together and then made what could be described as a body chain.
Revamp project & Paper Kettle project
For this project I bought in a dress to remake into something new. I wanted to make it into something completely different so I made it into a crop top and shorts.
The Kettle project was something that we were set over the summer holidays before starting foundation, I was given the task of making a 1950s kettle out of paper. I have joined the two projects because the dress that I remade reminded me of  1950s day dress.

Revamp project
For this shoot as I wanted two models, so I quickly made a another dress into a crop top and skirt. As all of my shoots are serious, I wanted a fun, light hearted smiley shoot.

Visionary Architecture & Pinhole projects
We had a workshop on visionary architecture and as a group we made a minimum of 3 and photographed them all together. I then thought about how this could be made relevant to fashion and made large versions of my pieces.
From learning how to make and use a pinhole camera, I thought about how I could bring it into my work. I decided to shoot my visionary architecture where I took a photo with my pinhole camera.

Visionary Architecture & Pinhole projects
Final piece photos and visionary illustrations.

Up cycling project (current)
For my project I'm up cycling a old chair and making it wearable. For inspiration I've been looking at tsunami's and the after effect of the floating homes, cars ect.

Up cycling project (current)
As well as looking at a chair I also want to explore up cycling plastic bags due to the high waste of them. I made a sample of trapping donated fabric in plastic bags, sewing into it and melting it with a heat gun.  

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

London Callin'

Hey nowwww! Thought it was about time I'd get this post up! So I have a online portfolio hand in for Manchester this Friday and my first interview for University is next Wednesday at UCA, so my work is finally coming together and I am quite please with it actually, all the hard work is paying off I guess/ hope!


Coat Henry Holland ~ Debenhams Jacket American Apparel Dress Topshop Tights Primark Bag Charity Store Boots Dr Martens~ Ebay

So This was my London outfit on the second day, I was also going to take ootd pictures on the first day but after the Isabella Blow exhibition (that we spend ages looking around!) it was super dark and it was raining so it just didn't happen!! We went to Shoreditch on the second day and these pictures were taken outside a vintage shop so creatively called "Vintage Shop" hahahaha!!

My loverlee friend Irma did my henna whilst I was asleep in the hostel we were staying at, when she finished I crawled into bed and woke up the next day with brown dots all over my bed covers/pjs/face! Anyhoww as I already said before I didn't get to take my friends to China Town HOWEVERR I went like last weekend and I stocked up on coffee bubble tea and took some sweet photos of the new year lanterns that luckily were still up !!

I've still got some illustrations to doo and a few other bits and bobs to get done this fine evening before bed, speak soooon!
Taya xo

PS YO! Hyolyn (From Sistar and Sistar 19) is my current Korean Obsession, like I listen to her album pretty much every day. She's so so so soooo good, I canny express this enough! You should check her out! (o^ . ^o)

Monday, 3 February 2014

Thoughts at 2:28am & Happy (Chinese) New Year! ^.^

Hello there! I'm currently giving myself a little break, I find myself starring at the floor or my blank sketch book page for a good 10 minutes before realising I'm spacing out. I guess I'm just at that stage of tiredness so forgive any spelling/ grammar mistakes. Life as an art student isn't an easy one!


London was pretty good however I didn't get to go to China Town... Yeah, I don't want to talk about it - Just wanted to give a heads up because I don't have any cool Chinese New Year lantern pictures ^ ~ ^ SO INSTEAD I have some sweet street style pictures!^^ But here's a few snaps from le phone until I have the detailed London post and accompanying outfit post up!
Speak sooooon
Tay xo
(((((Hope you're enjoying sleeping whilst I'm sorting out my portfolio!))))