Wednesday, 12 February 2014

London Callin'

Hey nowwww! Thought it was about time I'd get this post up! So I have a online portfolio hand in for Manchester this Friday and my first interview for University is next Wednesday at UCA, so my work is finally coming together and I am quite please with it actually, all the hard work is paying off I guess/ hope!


Coat Henry Holland ~ Debenhams Jacket American Apparel Dress Topshop Tights Primark Bag Charity Store Boots Dr Martens~ Ebay

So This was my London outfit on the second day, I was also going to take ootd pictures on the first day but after the Isabella Blow exhibition (that we spend ages looking around!) it was super dark and it was raining so it just didn't happen!! We went to Shoreditch on the second day and these pictures were taken outside a vintage shop so creatively called "Vintage Shop" hahahaha!!

My loverlee friend Irma did my henna whilst I was asleep in the hostel we were staying at, when she finished I crawled into bed and woke up the next day with brown dots all over my bed covers/pjs/face! Anyhoww as I already said before I didn't get to take my friends to China Town HOWEVERR I went like last weekend and I stocked up on coffee bubble tea and took some sweet photos of the new year lanterns that luckily were still up !!

I've still got some illustrations to doo and a few other bits and bobs to get done this fine evening before bed, speak soooon!
Taya xo

PS YO! Hyolyn (From Sistar and Sistar 19) is my current Korean Obsession, like I listen to her album pretty much every day. She's so so so soooo good, I canny express this enough! You should check her out! (o^ . ^o)

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  1. Your bag pack is such an AWESOME find! Cute outfit


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