Saturday, 12 April 2014

久しぶり !

Hiya hey hi, hello there! I went to London like 4 weeks ago with my favourite human Tozer! It was her first time in London and because we went to do "college work" (lols) we planned out where and what we wanted to see! It was such a fun trip, during the day we hung in china town went to candy café, ate in this cute little food place and visited galleries! We ended up going to my favourite Japanese restaurant and I was so happy because the cute Japanese laydee remembered meeee! And we spoke in Japanese to the (extremely hot) waiters and they understood us lol, go Tay and Toz!!! ^.^


Jacket American Apparel Top Missoni Cheap and Chic, Ebay Skirt Warehoue Cat Tights Asos Backpack Thrifted Docs Ebay
Once again it has been so long "久しぶり" (Hisashiburi)!!! As always college rules my life so I don't really have the time to blog (sorry...). I have even had to stop learning Japanese (for the time being) so I can focus on art. I finish soon anyways & I can't wait yo!!

I bought my jacket last year and it's like my life that jacket, good for day & night, goes with pretty much my whole wardrobe and that's why you see it all the time when I post haha! I l-o-v-e my new Missoni top! Ebay, once again has blessed me with its ever so loverlee bargains woooo! £11 guys, it was only £11!! Its sucha cute yin yang inspired top and it goes well with my yin yang necklace that I also bought for £1 on Ebay!!! My skirt was bought on my uniform allowance at work last year (I think it's on sale now). My kawaii tights were only £3 on asos and although they're those really thin annoying tights that ladder so very easily, with care, I have managed to keep them in tact!
I hope to post again very soon, I really miss talking to myself (and the occasional commenter lol) so I hope its not too long till I post again!
Have a loverlee day!
Taya xo

Ps. I have a new Japanese band I like to listen to, meet Babymetal! They're so little and I can't get over how cool they are!! I think you should check 'em out! ^.^