Monday, 7 July 2014

Contra ~

Hey there! What's it been like, another year or so? Well the usual, life is... taking over my life? I've had an a~w~e~s~o~m~e past few months to say the least! Eliza invited me to see her backstage after her set on tour! She came into town to busk. Japan is booked! I just came back from Amsterdam! And to top it off  I'M MOVING TO LONDON IN SEPTEMBER WOOOO ~~~
So yeah it's been a fun time! ^.^




Jacket Charity Store Jumper Zara Skirt Hand me down Bag Charity Store Kickers Ebay
Up until just recently I hadn't been spending a lot of money on clothes/ myself just because being a Art student is kinda expensive so wish me good luck when I move to possibly one of the most expensive places to live in England hahaha!! 
So since I had a little bit of dollar I bought this pink jacket (that I practically live in) for only £6, my bag from the same charity store (Sue Rider) was only £3! My new kickers were brand new from Ebay and were only £30 including delivery so I'm more than happy!
One thing I would say about them is that they hurt more than my docs did!! I really wanted some kind of boot for spring/ summer since I'm not really big on sandals, so I thought having a white pair would be kinda cute! I think that they suit my personality with the pink soles & they definitely suit my wardrobe!
Speak to you sooooon! (maybe lol)
Tay xo
I've started listening to Vampire Weekend again and it just reminds me of high school and summer holidays... So chill!


  1. I love this song by Vampire Weekend! One of my favorites by them :) Glad you are enjoying yourself
    Eliza is the sweetest!!! :D

  2. Your shoes are so cool and your jacket is bright and fun. Such gorgeous tights too and so exciting :) Wow!!! Congrats on the move! xo


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