Friday, 26 December 2014

Eliza ^.^

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Hello there!! Long time no speak! (as per lol) Did you have a good Christmas?
During the Easter holidays Eliza me invited me and a plus one to her supporting show for Gary Barlow. I just stumbled across these photos and wanted to share them with you since I haven't been very active at all!

My kimono is possibly the BEST Ebay purchase ever!!! I bought this kimono jacket and a men's Yukata (both second hand) for approximately £4 together! They're from Osaka Japan and I (happily) paid more for shipping than the actual kimonos!! Instead of buying River Island and Topshop one, look out there and you can get so much better ones for less then half the price!
Also you more than likely won't see another person in the same one as you (just saying)!!

(Here's a sneaky clip of Eliza singing I took, Unfortunately a security guard told me to stop because apparently you canny use "professional cameras"? Anyways enjoy the best 15 seconds of singing you'll ever hear on videoooo!!)

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  1. That kimono is super awesome, I've been meaning to search on eBay for one too! Merry Christmas :)


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